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Since Odessa’s founding in 1794, the absence of a reliable and high quality supply of water has been an problem area in the city's infrastructure and a pressing issue for the city’s population. The use of local resources (wells, springs, yard water tanks to collect rain water) has never been able to fully provide for a quickly developing city. It was only in 1873 that a water pipe with water treatment facilities was activated in the village of Belyaevka, producing 20 thousand m3/day.

Over more than 130 years of history, the Odessa water pipe system was constantly being perfected, and the volume of water supply increased. By the decision of Odessa city council # 2038-XXIV, the full property complex of CP “Odesvodokanal” has been rented out to Limited Liability Company INFOX. This took place on December 17, 2003. Since January 2004 this branch of INFOX, “Infoxvodokanal” has been performing water resource management services in the Odessa region.

Infoxvodokanal consists of 16 structural subdivisions, where more than 3000 people work. This branch services 1657.7 km of water pipes and a sewage network 680.2 km in length. The sewage waters are cleaned at two biological cleaning stations, And cleaned yield is discharged into the Black Sea.

Today, the company supplies water to Odessa as well as populated communities within a 50 km radius from the region’s center. The company owns seven water lines, the first of which was developed in 1873. Construction of the last one stopped in 1989, but was re-started in 2004 with the help of a private investor.

Consumers have received water daily since 2004. The main source of water is the Dnestr river. Water intake and cleaning of the surface water takes place at the Dnestr water treatment station , located in the town of Belyaevka, 40 km away from Odessa. Useful productivity of the water treatment station is 920 thousand m3/day, while the actual water supply is 480-550 thousand m3/day. The Dnestr river is the only source of water for the Southern region of Odessa, which includes such towns as Ilyichevsk, B. Dnestrovsky, Belyaevka, Ovidiopol, Teplodar, and Yuzhnyi.

INFOX provides a range of services requested in Odessa’s 2006-2020 plan for development and reforming of the water supply and water disposal systems. This plan was confirmed by a decision of Odessa city council on April 5, 2007 # 1167-V.

Microbiological laboratory at the Infoxvodokanal branch

From the history of Odessa water canal

Машиный зал водоочистной станции Днестр.jpg

In the photo: Machine room at the Dnestr water treatment station


As of December 28, 2010, 2570 railroad tankers and 1938 truck tankers with oil products have been unloaded.


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