Technological processes and intellectual property

Main distinguishing features of the technological processes

The use of technological processes, equipment and products of INFOX LLC as compared with the well-known periodic winding applied by such world leaders as Ameron (USA), Plastrex Manurhin (France), Höganäs (Sweden), Gruppo Sarplast (Italy), IC Perspektiva (Russian Federation), and others, is characterized by the following:

  • owing to the combining of several technological operations in one pipe winding machine, required production area and energy consumption are reduced

  • product extraction from production area unit increases

  • quantity of finished products per one worker increases

  • owing to any possible (or necessary) length of pipe links, the number of linking junctions in the pipeline decreases, which lowers its cost and raises its reliability

  • with the growth of pipe diameter and operating parameters, glass-fiber plastic pipes become able to compete not only with thermoplastic (DN≥200 m), but also with metal (DN≥500 mm) pipes

  • considerable reduction of expenses for the organization of pipes manufactured from reinforced plastics (no less than 1.5-2 times)

  • substitution of short supply traditional materials (1 ton of glass-fiber plastic pipes replaces up to 6 tons of steel pipes)

  • environmental situation improvement in the pipelines area.

Pipes made of glass-fiber plastic have substantial advantages compared to pipes made from traditional materials:

  • high corrosion resistance at temperatures up to +90°C (for short periods – up to +150°C)

  • light weight, which allows considerable reduction of transportation costs and pipeline mounting costs

  • high strength (comparable with the strength of steel)

  • long operating period (up to 50 years)

  • low and constant in time hydraulic resistance

  • do not become fragile at low temperatures (down to −60°C) and do not crack when liquid inside the pipe freezes

  • are distinguished by easiness of mounting and repairs.

Intellectual Property

The technological processes and equipment that INFOX, LLC appliesis its unique intellectual propertyand does not existelsewhere in the world.They are intended for the production of pipes of unlimited length: obtaining finished products in this case is ensured on one pipe winding machine. The intellectual property also includes full sets of designer and technological documentation. The technical solutions are protected by patents of Ukraine, the Russian Federation and International Application under the Patent Cooperation Treaty. In connection with the available new developments, necessary materials for their patenting in Ukraine and abroad are currently being prepared.

Stekloplastikovye Truby

Production Plan


As of December 28, 2010, 2570 railroad tankers and 1938 truck tankers with oil products have been unloaded.


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