The history of “Fiberglass pipes” LLC, spans more than 30 years. During these three decades, researchers and engineers worked to advance the science behind Fiberglass Pipes LLC, which was established in 2002 and has since intensified efforts across all areas of business. The company’s groundbreaking technology has attracted top research and management talent from a number of prestigious institutions. This team has researched and developed the technology and equipment required for the manufacture of seamless fiberglass pipes with theoretically unlimited length. The uniqueness of the technology and equipment is evidenced by more than 100 publications and 30 inventor's certificates and patents issued in Ukraine as well as the Russian Federation. Fiberglass Pipes LLC has been licensed to conduct high risk works since September of 2007, and is also licensed to design such projects.

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In the photo: Fiberglas pipe factory

The performance standards of our developments hold their own against the best foreign prototypes. Currently, the regular office staff comprises 21 experts, including one Ph.D., a corresponding member of the Engineering Sciences Academy of Ukraine, engineers as well as workers of different professions.

Технологии и промышленное оборудование, которые внедряются на заводе ООО "Стеклопластиковые трубы", были разработаны под брендом inFiberex, известного во всем мире. В результате инженерного поиска и оптимизации технологического процесса, inFiberex разработал новую промышленную технологию производства стеклопластиковых труб, обладающих особыми свойствами. Уникальность технологии inFiberex заключается в новом способе укладки армирующего волокна на специальную оправку, обеспечивающем заданную анизотропию свойств готовой трубы. При этом скорость изготовления трубы inFiberex достигает 45 м в час.

The major areas of company activity include:

  • R&D work in the field of reinforced polymers,

  • the development and manufacturing of equipment for the production of reinforced polymer-pipe production

  • manufacture of reinforced polymer pipes for select business applications

  • manufacturing of fiberglass and basalt-plastic pipes and fittings for various applications, and

  • patent and licensing activity.

The joint work on the project to create large-tonnage fiberglass and basalt-plastic pipes with an inner diameter of about 1000 mm on the basis of a continuous spinning process was conducted by “Fiberglass pipes” LLC collaboratively with “Infox” LLC from 1 August 2006 to 28 February 2008 as a partnership for technological progress ( The project’s main objective is to manufacture complex technological machines that produce fiberglass and basalt-plastic pipes with the inner diameter of about 1000 mm, according to the following process:

Phase I –manufacture coil-spinning system for pipe production with the inner diameter about 500 mm

Phase II – manufacture coil-spinning system for pipe production with the inner diameter about 1000 mm.

The equipment types and quantity were originally defined by the task order of INFOX, LLC dated 27 August 2006. The design specification for the manufacture of this equipment has been developed, and composes a document of approximately 2,500 pages.108 companies of different ownership forms, including enterprises of the Russian Federation were involved in the equipment design and manufacturing The first-time technology has been developed and the fiberglass pipe with the inner diameter of 500 mm has been manufactured. There emerged a need for manufacturing additional units to improve the complex process scheme, such as:

  • supporting rollcase (2 sets)

  • unit for tubes grinding (2 sets)

  • tools for tubes polishing

  • self-feeding mandrel of DN 477 mm

  • mould of DN 477 mm

  • purchase of the metal-cutting machine of the type MC 6056 with a sine rule and its upgrade (made in/by the Russian Federation), and

  • purchase of the metal-cutting machine of the type 1M63 and its upgrade.

The results of the project have been brought to market for a startup cost of just over 3 million USD. The manufacture of the KT-1000 equipment is now underway.

Technological processes and intellectual property

Production Plan

The application of fiberglass pipes is a nature-friendly solution for supplying drinking water.. Corrosion solid residues and other substances contaminate drinking water while transporting in metal pipes, however a fiberglass pipe is waterproof, resistant to corrosion and chemically inert. Currently there is no commercial manufacturer of fiberglass pipes in Ukraine.


As of December 28, 2010, 2570 railroad tankers and 1938 truck tankers with oil products have been unloaded.


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Collection, cleaning, and distribution of water, pipeline installation, production of pipelines and fittings, development and production of equipment to produce pipes from reinforced polymers, production of glass and basalt-plastic pipes and fittings for various uses.
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