"KROT" who is a collector by occupation

How Odessa utility workers are encouraging bad debtors

The company «INFOX» has persuaded Odessa inhabitants to pay for water supply and water disposal services for a long time. However, when all other offers have been vocalized, and the debtor has refused to negotiate, there appear to be all the reasons to move towards more decisive actions, for example, with the help of a special device - “Krot” system, purchased by “Infoxvodokanal”. Analogous systems working with bad debtors are successfully used in Poltava, Kharkov, Mariupol, Izmail, Rovno, Lvov and other Ukrainian cities. However, its “predecessor”, working exclusively in the depths of water-supply pipes, is better known under the name of “Sprut”, and its sewage analog is known under the name of “Zigzag”. However, in contrast to Odessa inhabitants, in most of the cases, the utility workers borrow expensive equipment.

Many Odessa inhabitants are very familiar with a portable complex that looks like a promo-bus. When it is seen, many people rush to pay off their debts to the utility services. Since the beginning of the year “Infoxvodokanal” has already held several “plugging” operations in each part of the city. Teams come to meet with non-payers daily and everything can be still changed before “Krot” is placed into the sewage pipe.

"KROT" —is a special device that blocks sewage output from an apartment, or a specific subscriber-debtor, regardless of the number of floors in the building. With that system the water supply and water disposal are not turned off for the whole house, there is no discomfort for the inhabitants who pay for the supplied services on time. They say that one of the creators of this device had thought of the idea after having visited a hospital, where his peritoneum had been probed by a medical catheter. “Sprut” is a similar probe, supplied with a video camera, except it doesn't infiltrate a human body, but rather a sewage pipe. Now it is enough for the professionals to enter the basement of an apartment building, to cut down a riser, and to send in a “Sprut”; knowing the exact layout of the apartment connector bends and the coordinates of the debtor, the specialists can block the water supply of a specific apartment. “Sprut 2” or “Zigzag”, or “Krot” specialize in plastic pipes and clogging the sewage.

…Early morning: a sanitation team headed by a Deputy Director of the “Vodosbit” service of the “Infoxvodokanal” branch, Nikolai Georgievich Byanov, leaves for Williams Academician Street. Representatives of the Local Housing Maintenance office had already been waiting in the backyard of the building; they opened access to the technical facilities of the building.

The owners of the apartment that were going to have had their water disposal services turned off had been warned about the visit of Odessa utility workers two weeks beforehand. That means they had time to correct everything and pay off their debt, consisting of nothing less than 2.5 thousand grivnas. The apartment owners were not home. The team went to the technical facility floor. In about half an hour the specialists had put together a system and you could see “the journey” of the “Krot” to the necessary apartment on the screen. In a few more minutes the process of plugging was finished.

—There are five people that live in the apartment, they don't have a water-gauge, that is why the subscribers have to pay about one hundred grivnas per month for our services, - A line area specialist Vitaly Chulaevskii describes. - And here the people just haven't paid and refused to have any kind of negotiations. We are always ready to accommodate people, to restructure their debt. The subscribers have been transferred to us with a debt of more than one thousand grivnas, and over the two years they have managed to be in even more debt. Now they will also have to pay for service connection.

Before, a subscriber's logic was simple: they will not turn off the whole house just because of me. Now, careless inhabitants have to think a little, since the specialists can easily block an apartment's sewage knowing the layout of apartment connector bends and the coordinates of the subscriber.

Николай Георгиевич Бянов

— Currently, there is a negative balance in the payments for supplied services of water-supply and water disposal. Today the debt of Odessa inhabitants is 111 million 800 thousand grivnas, - says the Deputy Director of the “Vodosbit” service of the “Infoxvodokanal” branch, Nikolai Byanov. This is creating a catastrophic position in the water-supply of the whole city and it is making us to go to extremes, even plugging up the sewage system in the apartments of bad debtors and the filing of documents with the courts to be able to forcefully obtain the debt. Inhabitants who have debts to pay for the water utility services and who, for some reason, cannot pay the whole amount at once, can negotiate a contract on restructuring of their debt, paying the debt off over time.

Press Service of "Infoxvodokanal"


They have started the use of new equipment which costs 4 mln. grivnas in Infoxvodokanal, which will help to greatly streamline the work of the company.

The new high-accuracy equipment to check water-gauges has appeared in Odessa. The branch of Infoxvodokanal has completely restored its metrological lab. It allows it to inspect water-gauges of practically any diameter: from household devices with a diameter of 15mm to large industrial devices with a diameter of 150 mm. This technological innovation has cost the company more than 4 million grivnas, spent to realize the plan of the reconstruction and development of water supply and water disposal systems in Odessa between 2006-2020. The Director of the Central repair shops of the “Infoxvodokanal” branch, Grigory Koval, said that while in the past the specialists of the lab had to write down the data and find out the measurement error manually, now all the calculations are done by a computer. At the same time a special program takes into consideration even the temperature of the environment and water that goes through the water gauge. The result, which is a report about the further usefulness of the device, is given by the computer itself. In practice it means that in one day the lab can verify 300-350 water gauges, though in the past the number did not go over 50.

A Note. Water-gauges (including apartment gauges) have to be inspected every 3 years. Manufacturers of water gauges give a 12 year warranty on their devices, however, in practice, there are almost no water-gauges that can last longer than 9 years. Moreover, within 3 years after the first inspection, every tenth device starts to show flawed data, and basically is unfit for any further use.

лаборатория поверки водомеров.jpg

In the photo: Water-gauge Inspection Lab

установка для промывки водомеров.jpg

In the photo: equipment for washing water-gauges.



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