Following the developed and accepted strategy of perspective development for the coming years, INFOX is concentrating on the following directions:

  • optimization of business processes of sales and logistics

  • effective use of opportunities for oil and oil products storage to generate additional profits

  • implementation of control system and risk reduction

  • development of new effective business processes and support systems

  • professional development of staff through motivation and learning.

One of INFOXs main foreign partners is the company Burisma, working in various areas such as management of finances (buying and selling stocks and other securities) as well as investing into realization and development of strategic projects (construction, search and development of mineral deposits, marine transport cargo traffic and other directions).

Since 2007, Burisma has actively developed its business in Ukraine. Mutually beneficial partnerships are the guarantee for long-term relations and the foundation for future development.

Burisma significantly supports all of INFOXs initiatives regarding modernization and modification of the Odessa water canal, implementation of new technologies with regards to making glass plastic pipes and reconstruction of the oil transfer complex to increase its technical capacity.

After performing an advanced macro-economical analysis of the future financial results of investment, INFOXs strategic partner Burisma stated its preparedness to invest more than 10 million US dollars at the first stage into INFOXs industrial facilities of to increase their profitability.



As of December 28, 2010, 2570 railroad tankers and 1938 truck tankers with oil products have been unloaded.


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Crude oil and petroleum products, bunkering vessels in the area, transport, reception, storage, and distribution of petroleum products by rail and road.
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