Implemented projects

Iliychevskiy toplivny terminal

Iliychevsky toplivniy terminal is designed to receive fuel from railway tanks, store the fuel in reservoirs and load the fuel into tankers. The terminal performs reloading of fuel oil, oil, gasoline, and diesel fuel.

The main features of the terminal are:

  1. A reservoir park with a total capacity of 86576 m3, consisting of 14 reservoirs of 6184 m3capacity:

    • 6 reservoirs with vapor heating to store fuel oil;
    • 5 reservoirs, equipped with pontoons (floating roof) for storing gasoline;
    • 3 reservoirs, equipped with pontoons to store gasoline and oil.
  2. A boiling room with a transformer substation with a capacity of 30 tons of steam per hour for heating.

  3. Administrative and utility building with a gatehouse, , inside of which there is an automated system comprised of equipment made by Siemens that controls engine units and fire extinguishing systems. The control of the technological process is performed with an automated system comprised of equipment from Siemens and Saab Rosemount.

  4. Railway loading rack for 30 eight-wheel tanks with simultaneous loading.

  5. Office-utility building with a laboratory and a gatehouse.

    In the laboratory building there is:

    • Laboratory
    • Storage of oil product probes
    • Laboratory equipment washroom
    • Area for independent surveyor representatives.
  6. Maritime terminal 290 meters long and a terminal 12 meters deep. The terminal is equipped with two standers 255 mm in diameter

  7. Reservoir of the boiler room

  8. Administrative-utility building

  9. Production pumping station for the loading and transfer of oil products.

    Equipment at the production pumping station:

    12 pumps, 4 of which are used to pump fuel oil from the reservoirs to the tanker. 2 are for pumping diesel fuel from the railway rack to the reservoirs, 2 are used for pumping gas from the railway rack to the reservoirs, 2 are used for loading diesel fuel into a tanker or railroad tankers, and 2 are used for loading gas into a tanker or railroad tankers.

  10. Transformer substation 10 — 2 .

    In the area of the substation, there are two 1000 KW transformers with 8 high voltage vacuum cells , closets with low voltage cells, and a controller room. .


As of December 28, 2010, 2570 railroad tankers and 1938 truck tankers with oil products have been unloaded.


Crude oil and petroleum products, conducting bunkering vessels in the area, transit storage, reception, storage and distribution of petroleum products by rail and road.
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