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INFOX was created in 1991 as a small business and was reorganized in 1996 as a Limited Liability Company. The assets of the company INFOX and the holding overall are valued at more than 300 million US dollars as per evaluations of independent experts. The holding's assets consist of production facilities, land resources, natural resources (oil, gas, and other industry accompanying resources), an oil complex, a water canal, stocks, bonds, investment certificates, other security papers, minority interests, brand, and other assets.

Main activities:
  • collection, cleaning and distribution of water

  • pipeline installation

  • production of pipelines and fittings

  • development and production of equipment to produce pipes from reinforced polymers

  • research and development and design and experimental work in the field of reinforced polymers processing technology

  • production of glass and basalt-plastic pipes and fittings for various uses

  • products of oil processing

INFOX has business interests in more than 10 countries, which allows it to develop in different directions. Yearly financial results of the holding show positive dynamics, which confirms competent and a well thought-out development strategy.

INFOX’s revenue for fiscal year 2009 was more than 60 million US dollars, and the yearly revenue of INFOX and its partner companies was just under 100 million US dollars.

The managing director of INFOX and its partner companies is Alexey Vladimirovich Leonov, who has been working as a director of INFOX for the last 10 years and he has also been heading INFOXs Infoxvodokanal branch in Odessa, since 2006.


As of December 28, 2010, 2570 railroad tankers and 1938 truck tankers with oil products have been unloaded.


Illichivsk Fuel Terminal
Illiychevsky toplivniy terminal is designed to receive fuel from railway tanks, store the fuel in reservoirs and load the fuel into tankers
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